Saturday, May 30, 2015

Irish sayings...

A bit of this and that of Irish sayings and definitions...

  • A bag o'bocks an' a swimmer   -  Fish and chips
  • Brekkie  -  Breakfast
  • I'm so hungry...that me belly thinks me throat's been cut.

  • Irish coffee:  'Only Irish coffee provides in a single glass all four essential food groups:  alcohol, caffeine, sugar, and fat'  per Alex Levine.
  • Me throat's as dry as Ghandi's flip flops  -  Need a drink
  • It's the first drop that destoys you; there's no harm at all in the last.
  • A tall blonde in the black dress  -  pint of stout
  • A hooley with an iron lung  -  a party at home after the pub has closed.  Iron lung is a keg of beer
  • Beef on the heel like a Mullingar heifer  -  A big woman
  • Goin' around like a constipated greyhound  -  Out of sorts
  • A face that would box a goat  -  An angry look

Yesterday we went to Cork which is Ireland's second largest city.  Did pretty well in city traffic only got turned around a couple of times.  Found a parking garage in the center of town and headed to The English Market.  This is a much smaller version of Pike Place Market in Seattle.  Hard to believe I didn't buy anything but I am using up what we have since we only have a few more days here.  I wish we had something like this in Arizona.  We also drove to Cobh (was called Queenstown when the Titantic sailed from there).  Had lunch and visited the gift shop.  Didn't do the paid tour, tho.

The top picture is of my new best friend who offered me an Irish coffee as soon as I walked in to their store.  Betty is her name and the store is Macken of Ireland just outside of Killarney.  She was absolutely delightful and that was the best 63.45 Euro  Irish coffee I've ever had (bought 2 scarves)!  Betty knows how to sell.

2 days until we head to Shannon Airport for home.  Didn't we just arrive?

Slan go Foill

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