Thursday, May 28, 2015


The owner of the place we're staying said when we stepped outside this morning if we could see the mountains we should go to Dingle which is on the Dingle Peninsula.  She said if we couldn't we should go to Cork.  We saw the mountains and off we went.  We drove north to Tralee taking the long way and early enough to be ahead of the tour busses.  The first picture above (of the hillside) was just breathtaking.  The roads were curvey and we didn't have much traffic going our way.  We got to Dingle, found a great parking spot and first stop was the Super Valu which is a grocery store.  I have this thing about grocery stores and this one didn't let me down.  Tim just shakes his head but thankful it's grocery stores and not jewelry stores I'm drawn to.

The sun was shining all the way there making for a beautiful drive and then, of course, it rained.  What's new?  It didn't last too long and we were back to partly sunny skys.  We had beaten all the tour busses to Dingle and there were many...German, Sweden and France.  I had packed a lunch so we sat in the parking lot and watched them unload and load.  The tour busses must all work together in timing when they arrive because there is not enough parking for more than 6 busses at a time.  

The next couple of days calls for rain so we will be heading to Cork.  Cork is Ireland's 2nd largest city (Dublin being the largest).  He also wants to go to Cobh (pronounced Cove) the last port the Titantic sailed from.

So far we've driven 2100+ kilometers which is about 1304 miles.  Believe me, that's a lot of narrow roads for me to hold my breath.  Some I just closed my eyes and said a prayer..

Slan go Foill

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