Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Cong and lousy wifi

I finally have able to get on Blogger to post something.  Whether it shows up remains to be seen.  Someone please add a coment so I know whether it went through.  After having such great internet at Wild Rose Cottage I am, at the moment, going through withdrawal!

We made the 126 mile trek from Dunkineely to Cong without incident (which is a good thing). We had rain on and off plus that dreaded wind.  I have finally reached the point in our trip I have had enough rain and especially...wind.  We are staying at another cottage - Villa Pio - in Cong.  We are located behind the owner's B & B.  It is a lovely apartment that is a kitchen and living room combined with a separate bedroom with a king size bed and separate bathroom with a HUGH walk-in shower.  The apartment is only 3 years old and has all the amenities except sharp knives, cutting board and a cookie sheet.  I would imagine many people who stay here (or any self-catering rental) are not here for cooking.  However, it's what I do and based upon eating out every meal for 27 days it would break the bank which is already strained with the cost of the car insurance.  Tulips, roadies and lilacs are in bloom and they are beautiful.  We are in another rural area about 2 miles from the entrance of Ashford Castle and 3 miles from Cong.  Not able to post any pictures due to wifi which is a shame since I got some great pictures this morning after our visit to Cong.  I'm hoping at some point I can post the picture of the road (?) to where we are staying.  Someone will definitely be backing up.

Today the weather has been decent.  Even the locals are depressed saying it's the worst in years.  There is a dog here - Rocky - which looks to be a cross between a corgie and ??.  He's skittish around Tim and won't come to me until Tim disappears.   Another tidbit is we pay for electric. There's a contraption that you feed euros into.  It's interesting to watch the meter when the hot water is turned on, toaster or any other electric guzzling appliance.  You flip a switch for water - switching from "sink" to "bath".  Another switch for the cooker...really sucks the power.  And, the heat  is also on a timer.   Have to remember to flip switch off or be prepared to feed euros to the contraption.

Nuala (GPS) got us to Tesco (supermarket) in Ballinrobe and I thought I died and gone to heaven.  I finally found yellow mustard and boxed wine.  My needs are so simple.  Tomorrow we are off to Joyce Country Sheepdogs which is a farm about 15 minutes from here and they hold demonstrations 3 times a day.

Slan go Foill


Flight of Fancy said...

Hi! Your blog from Cong is here. I'll be in Clonbur in about four months!

TheShadyBoatDealer said...

Sue & Tim,
Thinking about you guys! Can't wait to see the pictures over a glass of wine when you get home!
Crystal & Tim

Flight of Fancy said...

Also, we visited Joyce Country Sheepdogs a few years ago. It's delightful! I do hope you can find better wifi. I've enjoyed your blog. On our trip in June/July 2012, we had rain 28 of 30 days, so I feel your pain!