Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Blue Skies and swans

Blue Skies and sunshine.  Yea!!!  We left Cong this morning and drove 5 hours south to Killorglin where we are staying for the final leg of our trip.  We are in a 3 bedroom townhome that sits on the River Laune.  The picture above is from our deck and the white dots are swan.  I've counted 9 so far.  As I type this I am sitting in the kitchen watching to river flow by.  What a great location for our final week.  Plus the wifi works great.

Our week in Cong was wonderful (except for the wifi or the lack of).  It drove me bonkers.  I'd be on and then off.  Villa Pio, the apartment behind the main house was lovely.  The country setting was quiet waking to birds every morning.  The owners, Marty and Ann, have a dog named Rocky who is a cross between and corgi and something.  He was fun to watch especially when going after birds.  We spent our last day watching The Quiet Man and then decided to drive back into Cong to buy the DVD at The Quiet Man Museum.  Just didn't seem right to come all this way and not go home with the DVD.  

The drive from Cong to Killorglin was an easy one (or I'm getting used to the roads).  Tim says the scariest part of driving on these roads is meeting up with an American driver going the opposite way.  They both hug the middle line.  The lands in the north - County Donegal and County Mayo are rugged with rock fences and millions of sheep.  South of Galway is more pasture land, cows and hedges as fences.  There is more population down here and more tourists.  This leg of our trip will be more "touristy".  Tomorrow we are getting the lay of the land in Killorglin and then will be making day trips to Cork, Cobh (pronounced Cove), Killarney and Dingle.  I am so happy for blue skys.

Slan go Foill

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