Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Just for me…

Don’t think anyone checks on this blog anymore.  I’m not a regular “poster”.  That’s ok.  I’ve been thinking I might just do this for me.  What I like. What I don’t like.  What pisses me off.  What makes me smile.  What recipes I like.  What recipe I tried that turned out like crap.  (Tim always says it’s good…smart man.)  I don’t care if anyone reads this or not.  Maybe some day my grandchildren will find this blog and finally get to know me. 

Facebook bores me (even though  I do check in daily to get my Dogwork videos).  Care less about Twitter.  The only tweet I miss is the singing of my grandmother’s canary.  That bird could sing.  I don’t need to know what everyone thinks every minute of the day.  It becomes intrusive. 

What gave me the idea to post again was reading about Pinterest.  It’s another social media site where you again “sign up” for an account and then you can “pin” whatever you see or like on the net to your “boards”.  It’s sort of like cutting magazine articles/pictures out and sticking them to a bulletin board…this is the digital version.  It may take a little more effort on my part but I can do the same thing (sort of) with my blog and probably have less people viewing it.  If I have readers of this blog…that’s ok.  But, from now on I’m posting for myself.  I use to get my feelings hurt if who I thought should read it…didn’t. 

This DogWork video reminds me of Tootsie -


Got to go cut ham off a bone and freeze it.  I want to make ham and beans.