Sunday, May 15, 2011

Not sure…

Not sure I want to blog any more.  Obviously, it hasn’t been high on my list the last few months.  Few usually means more than two less than four.  I guess it’s been three months…give or take a month.  Not sure why I lost my desire to write.  It’s not like I don’t have something to say.  I definitely have opinions about stuff.  I get fed up with the news.  Everything is a “Fox News Alert”.  I get fed up with politicians…they all lie.  Who cares what Lindsey Lohan is up to now?  God, what a shallow world we live in.  I’ve become cynical over the last few years.  I guess I need to just learn to tune it all out. 

One thing hard to tune out is the wind.  We have had so much wind the last few weeks.  I thought Chicago was the windy city.  We were suppose to leave today for the Northwest but with high wind warnings for today we decided to stay put.  We are heading to La Pine, Or where I just found out they have flood warnings!!  And, the temperature last night was 26!  Next will be locusts.  I’ve got to figure out how to get floaties on the motorhome.  Which brings me to another topic we were discussing a few nights ago with fellow rv’ers.  What do friends and family call your motorhome?  We had a few chuckles on what others call our motorhomes.  Campers or trailers is the most common.  I usually refer to ours as the “rig” or “moho”.  We’re not a bus and “coach” seems too ritzy.  (However, sometime coach does slip out usually after we’ve been referred to as a camper.)

I think I had about a total of four people who read this blog.  Will be interesting to see if anyone notices that I added a post.  Don’t blame them for not checking or commenting on a new post.  I know I get turned off when there’s nothing new on the blogs I follow.  Maybe the difficulty I’ve had with blogging is who is it for?  Me or them?  Not sure.