Wednesday, January 27, 2010


We were driving back from Tombstone passing through St. David when I saw this building. I made Tim turn around so I could take pictures. In case you can't tell from the picture...that's a coffin in the window. Maybe this is a memorial to Grandma Goodman!!
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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Quartzsite Weather

Here's a happy camper at Happy Hour last night. It was windy and chilly. Fortunately Russ had a tie on his hat so he could keep his hat and hoodie on. Don't think he had enough wine to ward off the chills!

We're parked with the group on BLM (Bureau of Land Management for those who don't know) land a few miles south of the town of Quartzsite. In the summer there are 5 people here. In the winter there are a million. The big draw is the RV Show which is held 1/16-24. You can see any and every type of rv that has ever been made. There's also a rock, craft and car show that happens before and after the RV show.
You can see how thrilled Lucy is with her new "Snuggie". Needs to be altered. However, I don't think it will make a difference. She doesn't move with it on. Just stands there and looks at me. Tim had the same look with his on, too. They just don't appreciate what I do for them to keep them warm on these blustery, raining (pouring and blowing at the moment) days.
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Monday, January 11, 2010

19 years

Hard to believe it's been 19 years since we have seen John and Vickie. Tim and John worked together at Nestle-Beich (a life time ago). And, other than email contact, we haven't seen them until a couple of days ago. They came for a visit (we're in Desert Hot Springs, CA and they live in Santa Clarita, CA). They were both born in Greece and have a home there in a small town where Vickie was born. I think they said the population is around 2000 but grows to 4000 in the summer. We have a standing invitation to visit...just have to get some pontoons for the motorhome so we can take Lucy!! Vickie brought homemade Greek goodies - baklava and the lightest, butteriest, powdered sugered covered cookies with chopped almonds that I have ever tasted. Tim latched on to the baklava and I gravitated to the cookies. I've had to hide them to save us from ourselves. It was wonderful catching up on kids, work, travel. I just hope it isn't another 19 years before we see them again. We'd love to visit them in Greece...I wonder if Ebay would have any pontoons? But, for now, I have to go and find where I hid the goodies....

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Sunday, January 03, 2010

On the road again...

Sean and Yeon came to visit for a week. Why I waited until 15 minutes before they left to take any pictures...I have no clue...except while they were here I was busy getting everything done that needed to be done to get the house ready for the renters and the last of the "stuff" moved back into the moho. They were a great help carrying stuff from the house to the moho (now referred to as my "crate". Lucy has her crate where she escapes to and I have mine).

We left on Jan 1 and are now, finally, settled in one place - with wheels. And, a new washer/dryer combo! Do you remember the motels that had the machine you put a quarter in and the bed vibrated??? Well, that's sort of what it's like in the moho when the machine is in the spin cycle. Lucy and Tim both stopped what they were doing and looked at me for assurance all was OK. It's really not that bad...just a new experience for them.

I also had to remember how the remotes for the TV/Direct TV and DVD work. There should be just one remote for all TV's, etc no matter where you are or what brand you have. Same buttons. Same channels. Just one remote. Now for the Wii. I wonder where I put the directions??
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