Monday, June 22, 2009

Wyoming...Home, home on the range

Where the deer and the antelope play. Didn't see any deer but saw plenty of antelope.

We are in a park between Boulder and Pinedale, WY. Population of Pinedale is around 1400. What's making this economy work is oil and gas production. However, it is my understanding it is slowing waaaay down. Housing is ridiculous. There is lots of real estate for sale. People are trying to get their prices (and equity) before the boom goes bust. Large hotel chains have built here to accommodate the oil/field workers but I've been told they are sitting with empty rooms. I'm betting it won't be a pretty site when the bust does happen.

Lucy's best friend came and visited for a couple of days. Cooper and Lucy went to therapy dog training school together. Lucy's usually not to friendly with strange dogs so having Cooper to hang with was super.

Kathleen and Dan brought Cooper to visit with Lucy. It was lucky for us they were in the area and came to visit since Dan (being the handy Dan he is) changed out our shower head to a hand held unit. We should probably just follow them wherever they anytime I need something done (or fixed) I have Dan to the rescue!

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Meet a new American citizen

This is HeeYun, our daughter-in-law. The following "cut and pasted" email is from Tom, Tim's oldest son. They are in the states for 6 weeks and then will go back to Seoul, Korea where Tom is a teacher (DOD Schools)at Seoul Middle School on Yongsan Army base. Posted by Picasa

"We're back in the states. Hee Yun's naturalization interview is this morning and although she was cool breeze back in Korea, she is now a bit nervous. Did you know there are 27 ammendments to the constitution? She has done a wonderful job preparing for the interview, but keep us in your thoughts this morning. "

"Proving that births matched deaths, there is one more American today and her name is Hee Yun Kim Daugherty. She aced her tests and interview, although she sweated through the entire experience (she does that when she is nervous). We will be shopping around for social security numbers and passports now."

Way to go Hee Yun. Congratulations!

As a side note...she's also a top notch pool player and a member of the winning "Bless U Black Weirdos" in the Itaewon Pool League in Seoul.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Travel to Boulder WY

We dodge some and ran into thunderstorms on our way to Boulder, WY. Boulder is 88 miles south on Hwy 191 from Jackson, WY. The first and the third pic were taken from the moho while driving. Lucy had to piddle so we found a place to pull over to get the deed accomplished. It takes awhile...she is picky about her spots. And, for those of you who might question if I always wear a baseball cap...the answer is yes and no. If it's a bad hair day then Route 66 goes on.

OMG, what beautiful country even with all the rainy weather. And, we're not even close to the Tetons or Yellowstone NP.

We are parked at a campground (one of our ROD, AOR, DOD, DOA, DPS, DNS campgrounds available to us through our Western Horizons Membership) at Wind River View Campground in Boulder, WY. It's about 6 miles south of Pinedale, WY for those of you who want to look it up. I don't have the Datastorm Satellite deployed because I have been spoiled by faster internet connection through my Verizon cell phone. I use my cell phone as a modem to connect. We are here until June 24th.

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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Once again....

We will get it right. Not sure what we are doing wrong...but we've had our share of dead batteries on this trip. Truck is being towed to Twin Falls, ID to the Chrylser (I hope who is still there) dealer. This is the second time we've been towed. (First time was out of the Les Schwab Tire Dealer parking lot in Salem, OR.) It's a sinking feeling when you unhook, get in the truck to put it back into the "drive" position and everything is lights, beeps, whistles, nada. Plus, this time we had the entrance blocked to the RV park we had just checked into with 2 rigs behind us wanting to pull in. We hooked back up and pulled it around to our site. It's at this point I just wanted to go home, sit in my grandmother's rocking chair and suck my thumb.

Lucy didn't have a good night (or morning) either. We overnighted at the WalMart in Ontario, OR last night which butts up to the Snake River. In the middle of the night there was some feral type animal making horrible noises coming from the river area. Brought Lucy up out of a sound (making noises kind) sleep who then leaped over me and up on her hind legs looking out the window to see what it was. She was on point for over an hour. I'm not sure if she wanted to join in or if she was making sure it wasn't going to get her. I've never seen her like that. This morning I thought I would check her for fleas since I had a dream last night that she had them...yes, I do have some strange dreams...however, in checking her I found no fleas but a tick! Yuk! I googled what to do about removing a tick, made Tim read it while I prepared for surgery. Got the tweezers out, sterilized them with rubbing alcohol, got the rubber gloves out, got the neosporine, the super duper magnifying glass that lights up, a towel and a covered jar to put the tick in. And then I gave everything to Tim to do the deed. He looked at me as if he thought "I" was going to remove it. Are you nuts? I'll hold her. Anyway, he was able to get it out in tack...nothing left behind and it's now in a covered jar under the sink. You're suppose to keep it until you're sure the dog doesn't get sick...about a 48 hour period. Then that sucker is out of here.

Lucy made me promise that we will never ever go back to that WalMart.

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