Friday, January 09, 2009

Happy New Year 9 days later!

We are currently in Indio at Shadow Hills RV Resort. We will be giving our 3rd SkyMed presentation tomorrow morning (on this trip). We left Aguanga, CA this morning. Aguanga is 18 miles east of Temecula, CA. We were staying at Rancho California for a couple of days and had a wine and cheese event along with our SkyMed presentation. For those of you who have read this blog for awhile (or not) you may be asking - what's SkyMed? Well, click on the link to the left and it will take you to our website. You can get all the info you want from that website. HOWEVER, DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THE WEBSITE...YOU WILL PAY RETAIL...YOU DON'T WANT TO DO THAT (UNLESS IT'S SHORT TERM AND WE CAN'T DICKER THERE.) Call (or email) if you want more info.

How we got to SkyMed is a long story and I'm not going to bore you...but suffice it to say we totally, 139%, completely, passionately. can't think of any more adjectives (or is it adverbs?) - I never did like English - but you get the idea - believe in what we are now selling. And, we get to do it from the MOHO - AND write it off - (it's up to you Mikey, our wonderful CPA, to figure it all out for us). I was so done with the mortgage world. 24 years was enough.

We left almost a week ago on our junket and will be back home around the 20th. We leave Indio on Sunday heading for Lake Havasu City to do a presentation there but also meet up with rv friends for a rally. We then leave Lake Havasu City and head to Quartzsite to meet up with more friends out in the desert on BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land to boondock (boondock means no hookups - we're totally self-contained and can last about 5 days without having to dump the tanks and you take lots of blankets, wine and Jack Daniels). We're talking minimalist living. Quartzsite is an experience. One of everything and then some. Old rigs with numerous antennas trying to contact space. I'm sure some do connect. Then there's the guy who owns the bookstore in town that doesn't wear anything but a little (really little) piece of cloth covering his obviously really little whatever he calls it. We'll head back home for a week or so and then down to Casa Grande for another big rally (Gypsy Journal Rally - where we will have a booth and meet up with more friends.

Lorie and Audrey were here for Christmas leaving Christmas Day. Let's just say it will be a lonnng time before I fly Northwest. They are the absolute worst on customer service. Lorie was weighted down worst than a pack mule and Northwest would not give me a pass to help her get to the gate. I don't even want to start in on the TSA...these people are suppose to protect us?????

I'm really going to try to blog more often. I follow so many other blogs...I don't know why I don't update this one more often. I'm never sure if anyone would want to read it. If you do...leave a comment once in awhile. It will inspire me. Maybe. Potatoes are done. Got to go. Need more wine. The following couple of posts were over Christmas. Check out the video in the post after the coffeecake. Coffeecake is another story.