Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mom's Coffee Cake

Well, once again trying to get the pictures in order is a challenge. Here's the story. My brother and I are always talking about the coffee cake our grandmother (whom we called Mom) made. You see, Mom never wrote anything down (never finished school...not sure if she even went). But, it was the best coffee cake ever. When she took it from the oven, the butter was melted and runny. You had to be careful not to get burned. You had to wait until it cooled and hardened. I know she used Milnot. You probably never even heard of Milnot...but it's an evaporated milk like Carnation. Must of been a Midwest thing. Here's the website if you're interested

Anyhow, the picture above IS NOT what her's looked like. This picture is the result of 12 cups of flour, lots of sugar and lots of butter. Took me 3 trys before I got the dough right so it would rise. Won't even go into those stories. Let's just say if the third time didn't work then Mom needed to show up in a vision. I was out of flour.

We tried a couple of pieces where it seemed to be the gooiest. I'm sure that's not a word but it's what we were looking for. Taste wasn't bad. But it wasn't Mom's. After 3 days of sitting in a cool garage (no room in the refrig) I dumped that puppy. Thought about making bread pudding out of it but I already had that experiment in the refrigerater from overcooked cinnamon rolls. Coffeecake had to go. As you can probably tell...I'm not a baker. However, I did just get a recipe for "no knead one pot" bread from a friend. I need to go buy flour. Stay tuned.

I know it look's like Lucy's paw print but, trust me, she was staying way clear of the kitchen...too many adjectives coming from there.
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Grandma Needs Coffee

I think one of the reasons it takes me awhile to get back to blogging is I forget how to do upload a video. Grandma needed something IN her coffee this morning and I don't mean cream and sugar.

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Monday, December 08, 2008

Happy and Merry Whatever!!!

Lucy and her human family says turn off the news, plug your ears to all the doomslayers out there, make some hot chocolate (couple of shots of peppermint schnapps won’t hurt) and watch The Christmas Story for the umpteenth time.  And, if sitting on Santa’s lap makes you happy…go for it!  Lucy wasn’t thrilled about it but she got a cookie…and she’ll do anything for a cookie.   LucyXmas067