Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mom Shows Up

Mom gave me her version of the finger since I had been messing with her kid by taking pictures.
Go away.
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Dead Bones and Baby

A.L. Savage is buried in the Haines, OR cemetary and is Tim's Great grandfather. A.L. stands for Americus Llewellyn.
Mary A. (Savage) Daugherty is also buried in Haines, OR and is Tim's grandmother. A.L.'s daughter.
Tim making notes on "relative" tombstones we found.
Posted by Picasa Not doing too well on my spacing but took this picture this morning on our drive to Sumpter, OR (population 11, 3 dogs). This is a baby osprey. Mom pictures to follow. Baby started chirpping (big time) and Mom AND Dad showed up. I kept watching skyward to make sure they didn't dive bomb me.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Been awhile....

Thought I would be blogging about our "great, grand adventure" at least weekly but as the date shows...it's been 2 months since my last post! I knew I wanted to pull my "oars" in and relax in this "semi-retirement" mode but I think I lost them somewhere in Utah.

We are currently in Vancouver, WA with a stuck bedroom slide (won't go back in). We're waiting for the service guy to show and see what's going on. We could be here for awhile if they have to order a new motor. At least we're in a decent park with full hook-ups, my satellite works, have Direct TV and/or Cable so Tim is able to watch the Olympics. We could have been in the boonies when this happened. Weather, however, is a little warm. Apparently they will be breaking records today with temps around 104! Very unusual for the area.

I think my last post was after Byrce Canyon, Utah. We then made stops in Provo, Salt Lake City, Declo, ID, Boise, Burns, OR (middle of nowhere), Bend, OR (liked Bend - Tim and Lucy both got groomed), Grants Pass, OR, Canyonville (7 Feathers RV Resort where we met up with family) then to Portland and stayed with friends we made while at 7 Feathers - Michael and Randy - they have the most beautiful 5 acres that includes a full hookup site behind their home. Michael, however, purposely failed to tell me about the twisty, narrow, winding road to their place. Made the roads on our CA trip last year look great. Leaving Portland we headed to Seaside, OR (coast) for a few days where Jan and David met us. Tim, Lucy and I took a car trip down the coast stopping at the Tillamook Cheese Factory, Cannon Beach, Bandon, Lincoln City...long day. We then followed them up to Olympia where we stayed (3 weeks) on their lot at Lost Lake RV Resort. Their lot is set up to accommodate two motorhomes with full hookups.

We left Olympia yesterday with the intent of going to Westfir, OR for a few days. Decided to stop in Vancouver and just make it a short day....and, so, here we are.

Pictures can be viewed at http://picasaweb.google.com/psdaugherty. Select an album, then for best viewing - click on slideshow.

Service guy just showed up. Stay tuned.