Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More Ramblings

We've been on the road for only 10 days and I think we've seen every rental rv there is in this country and they are all being driven by foreigners...Germans, French, Italians, Swiss with a few Brits thrown in. (Asians are usually on the tour buses.) Usually they only stay one night and move on. It's about 50/50 with kids in tow. The Italians moved in last night with kids (lost count on how many) but proceeded to build a fire so they could roast weinies, marshmellows, burn the park down and contribute to the noise pollution...where are the environmentalists when you need them? (Just kidding...but I did keep peaking out the window to see where the sparks were flying.)

Bryce Canyon National Park

Took about 150 pictures of rocks, hoodoos, and a few trees. After awhile it all starts looking alike. It is pretty amazing scenery. If you are a hiker, backpacker, avid outdoors person then this is your mecca. They also say this area has the blackest skys for great star gazing. We're leaving tomorrow so tonight is my last chance for night time viewing. I'll try...but if the alarm doesn't wake me then I'll have to take their word for it. The sun doesn't even set until almost 9pm!!! For more pictures go to my web album -
If you select "slide show" it views better.

Tim says, " Having a great time...wish you were here!"

At 8100 feet, he was better served waiting for me in the car.

Bryce Ramblings

We had to paste a calendar on the cabinet above the driver's seat. Notice days are crossed off. Only way we can keep track of days/dates.
Cappucino machine has come in very handy these cold mornings. It was 28 degrees yesterday morning. It's only 58 right now (12:30pm)Charles Shaw comes in very handy in the evenings. Don't care what the temperature is.
It's hard to tell where the sofa begins and Lucy ends. My neck hurts watching her sleep.
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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Flagstaff and Lake Powell

Our first stop on our "grand adventure" (GA) was Flagstaff. We visited our friends, Joan and Stephen and their dog Luke. Lucy's not sure about Luke. First of all he's big and he likes to play. She does alot of hiding behind our legs, furniture, whatever she can find.

Joan, Stephen and I spent one day hiking and riding the chair lift at Snow Bowl. Tim and Lucy weren't up for it so they stayed home and napped.

I can tell I haven't posted in awhile. I'm forgetting how to get the pictures in the right order.

One funny on Tim. When we left home, he was turning a corner and commented about some jerk (I cleaned it up) that was following too close behind. He then realized it was our car (we're towing). Obviously, we haven't been on the road for some time!

We left Flag Wednesday heading for Lake Powell. We got an early start due to a high wind forecast. Nice drive, crossed over Glen Canyon Dam and pulled into Lake Powell before noon. Got registered and headed to our spot. Made Tim find another site since a snake was slithering across ours. Yes, I know, it is capable of slithering anywhere it wants to. It just made me feel better. There isn't a bad location anywhere. The views are awsome. Had a horrible storm later in the day. Thank heavens we weren't driving.