Friday, March 21, 2008

Major Blog Overhall

Want to know what I did in Ajo? Re-did, played with, added links (click on colored word or phrase and you will be taken to a website that describes whatever I'm talking about), slide shows (click on picture and you will be taken to my Picassa web album - use the back button to return to the Blog), added some of my favorite sites - more to come, editing and adding photos to web albums, adding maps with our route drawn and placemarks (still working on that one).

Spent HOURS working on fine tuning, tweaking, deleting, adding, actually reading instructions on how to add whatever to the Blog, uploading, downloading, losing then finding text, watching tutorial videos (thanks Geeks on tour), then watched them again, choosing size, color, style of fonts and texts. Whew! Thank the heavens we were in Ajo otherwise the Blog would still be just the Blog. Now it's new and improved and I'm just getting warmed up. Stay tuned.

Trip to Ajo (Ah Ho)

We took the motorhome out of mothballs and headed to Ajo, Az to Shadow Ridge Rv Resort (not going to do that link...obnoxious music on their website). Why Ajo? Well, it's only about 2 hours away, an easy drive and we've never been there. There is not much happening in Ajo unless you happen to work for Border Patrol. They are everywhere! One day we went to the IGA to get bread and Jack Daniels. They only sell beer and wine at the IGA. Tim had to go to the local liquor store "Indulgence" to get his JD. The next day we took a drive around town and out in the desert...which was a very pretty drive even tho we were dodging Border Patrol cars. Also went to the Pharmacy to get me some Zyrtek knockoff since my allergies were horrible. I was tempted to take the car and drive home leaving Tim to get back on his own. Fortunately, the drugs kicked in. The next day we went to Dollar General. Today, I went to the Chevron to get a "cappucino" before we headed south to the border and Organ Pipe Cactus National Park. The following posts detail the trip.

It has been a good trip. We like Ajo. They even have a Country Club...kinda. They also have an airport...but don't have any planes. Did I mention Border Patrol? We also went to Why, AZ. Why? Why not? Don't need to go back.

We head home tomorrow. I bet there will be a Border Patrol road block heading north.

Organ Pipe Cactus National Park

This is as close as Tim would let me get to the border. This border crossing is at Lukeville, AZ and it is a busy one. I was amazed at the number of RV's heading to Mexico. This is the road that takes you to Rocky Point which is about another 40 miles down the road.

On the drive back to Ajo we passed a Border Patrol car parked on the side of the road (facing traffic) and using binoculors eyeballing us as we drove by. There was also a "high intensity tower" watching traffic.
A 28 year old Park Ranger was shot and killed by a drug cartel member while he was on patrol in 2002. I had no idea that Park Rangers patrolled for illegals and drugs as well as Border Patrol.

We just visited the visitor's center...didn't do the 21 mile trip through the park (on a dirt road). Bought a post card instead.

They have a campground (dry camping only) that was real nice. Can handle 40' motorhomes. No entry fee and $6.00/night cost if you have a Golden Age Pass (now called America the Beautiful Pass) however; all the snakes are coming out of hibernation now so I'm not going there.

Picture of me...proof I was on this trip.
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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Datastorm Users

Datastorm Users

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