Tuesday, January 15, 2008


See Lorie's blog - www.lofam.blogspot.com - I'm still recovering (and full)! She did what I was going to do...so...why do it twice?? However, she didn't mention that Tim got me a fly fishing rod, and, yes, I did ask for it. I also need one of those net things you catch them in. He said I had to just reach in the water and bring them out. Well, now he understands that I need the net thingy. I want the sucker cornered for a controlled catch.

Lorie also didn't mention that I tried to bribe (sex for secrets) Tim out of what was planned for Sunday. He whimpered, squirmed, eyes watered like I've never seen him do before ...but he didn't cave...thought I had him for sure. Probably the hardest secret he ever kept. I wouldn't suggest using him again...he exhausted his will power.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2007 is History!

As many of you know we had blessings and challenges this past year. A brief recap in case you didn't know. First part of the year we were feeling pretty good. Tim's CT scans were showing no change in the spot on his lung and his breathing ability was improving greatly (blessing). He had stopped smoking 1 year as of February 2007 (now approaching 2 years!)(blessing) We got a new Yorkie puppy in February driving to Tuscon to pick her up. My girlfriend (godparent of Tootsie and now Lucy), Pat, drove 2-1/2 hours to eastern Illinois to retrieve her from a breeder and then fly her to Tuscon. She already had a trip plan...just added a little extra baggage. She's nothing like our Buffy (twice as big...we call her our Illinois farm girl) but she has won our hearts especially Tim's (blessing).

April 17 brought me my newest granddaughter - Audrey Rose (blessing). My daughter, Lorie, had her first baby at 41, pregnancy was fine, however, delivery ended up a C-section. Mother and daughter are doing great. Lorie's blog...lofam.blogspot.com has current pics.

We were planning on taking our motorhome up to ShowLow (White Mountains - northern Arizona) May 12 to park it for the summer. We had a cement pad poured and had reservations for Tom and family and Sean to stay in the cabins next to us. However, everything went haywire May 5. We went to breakfast that morning and by 5pm Tim was in ER. He was in ICU by 11pm and in the hospital for the next 5 days with a perforated colon. He then had emergency surgery May 26 removing a portion of his colon and adding a "bag". Two weeks later I had gallbladder surgery. We spent the rest of the summer adjusting to the "bag" and figuring out what I could and could not eat minus a gallbladder.

Tom, Hee Yun, Jee Soo and Sean came to visit in July (blessing). It's always great to be with them. We never realize how much we miss them until they are here and then leave. We took the motorhome to ShowLow the end of July and then headed out in September for our first major trip. We left ShowLow September 4 with a destination of Ft. Bragg, CA. Previous posts on the blog details our trip.

Tim's 2nd surgery was October 11 removing the bag and reattaching the colon. He spent a week in the hospital and then the next 6 weeks getting back on his feet (blessing). Tim's surgery prevented us from going to Korea for Sean's wedding. He and Yeon were married in October in a traditional Korean wedding (blessing). Hopefully, they will be coming home this summer and we will be able to spend some time getting to know her.

Here's what I learned in 2007. Life is precious. It can change at breakfast. All that really matters are family, friends and damn good surgeons (blessings). When you feel out of control - quit fighting the current...turn the boat around, pull the oars in and go with the flow. And, laughter is the best medicine. We don't go a day without laughter...in spite of some pretty scarey times we always seemed to find some humor somewhere. And, it looks like I had more blessings than crappy (no pun intended, Tim) things. I guess 2007 wasn't so bad afterall.

Here's to a great 2008!

Tim and Sue