Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mom's Coffee Cake

Well, once again trying to get the pictures in order is a challenge. Here's the story. My brother and I are always talking about the coffee cake our grandmother (whom we called Mom) made. You see, Mom never wrote anything down (never finished school...not sure if she even went). But, it was the best coffee cake ever. When she took it from the oven, the butter was melted and runny. You had to be careful not to get burned. You had to wait until it cooled and hardened. I know she used Milnot. You probably never even heard of Milnot...but it's an evaporated milk like Carnation. Must of been a Midwest thing. Here's the website if you're interested

Anyhow, the picture above IS NOT what her's looked like. This picture is the result of 12 cups of flour, lots of sugar and lots of butter. Took me 3 trys before I got the dough right so it would rise. Won't even go into those stories. Let's just say if the third time didn't work then Mom needed to show up in a vision. I was out of flour.

We tried a couple of pieces where it seemed to be the gooiest. I'm sure that's not a word but it's what we were looking for. Taste wasn't bad. But it wasn't Mom's. After 3 days of sitting in a cool garage (no room in the refrig) I dumped that puppy. Thought about making bread pudding out of it but I already had that experiment in the refrigerater from overcooked cinnamon rolls. Coffeecake had to go. As you can probably tell...I'm not a baker. However, I did just get a recipe for "no knead one pot" bread from a friend. I need to go buy flour. Stay tuned.

I know it look's like Lucy's paw print but, trust me, she was staying way clear of the kitchen...too many adjectives coming from there.
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Grandma Needs Coffee

I think one of the reasons it takes me awhile to get back to blogging is I forget how to do upload a video. Grandma needed something IN her coffee this morning and I don't mean cream and sugar.

Click on the arrow button to play video.

Click on the link for the web album...

Monday, December 08, 2008

Happy and Merry Whatever!!!

Lucy and her human family says turn off the news, plug your ears to all the doomslayers out there, make some hot chocolate (couple of shots of peppermint schnapps won’t hurt) and watch The Christmas Story for the umpteenth time.  And, if sitting on Santa’s lap makes you happy…go for it!  Lucy wasn’t thrilled about it but she got a cookie…and she’ll do anything for a cookie.   LucyXmas067

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mom Shows Up

Mom gave me her version of the finger since I had been messing with her kid by taking pictures.
Go away.
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Dead Bones and Baby

A.L. Savage is buried in the Haines, OR cemetary and is Tim's Great grandfather. A.L. stands for Americus Llewellyn.
Mary A. (Savage) Daugherty is also buried in Haines, OR and is Tim's grandmother. A.L.'s daughter.
Tim making notes on "relative" tombstones we found.
Posted by Picasa Not doing too well on my spacing but took this picture this morning on our drive to Sumpter, OR (population 11, 3 dogs). This is a baby osprey. Mom pictures to follow. Baby started chirpping (big time) and Mom AND Dad showed up. I kept watching skyward to make sure they didn't dive bomb me.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Been awhile....

Thought I would be blogging about our "great, grand adventure" at least weekly but as the date's been 2 months since my last post! I knew I wanted to pull my "oars" in and relax in this "semi-retirement" mode but I think I lost them somewhere in Utah.

We are currently in Vancouver, WA with a stuck bedroom slide (won't go back in). We're waiting for the service guy to show and see what's going on. We could be here for awhile if they have to order a new motor. At least we're in a decent park with full hook-ups, my satellite works, have Direct TV and/or Cable so Tim is able to watch the Olympics. We could have been in the boonies when this happened. Weather, however, is a little warm. Apparently they will be breaking records today with temps around 104! Very unusual for the area.

I think my last post was after Byrce Canyon, Utah. We then made stops in Provo, Salt Lake City, Declo, ID, Boise, Burns, OR (middle of nowhere), Bend, OR (liked Bend - Tim and Lucy both got groomed), Grants Pass, OR, Canyonville (7 Feathers RV Resort where we met up with family) then to Portland and stayed with friends we made while at 7 Feathers - Michael and Randy - they have the most beautiful 5 acres that includes a full hookup site behind their home. Michael, however, purposely failed to tell me about the twisty, narrow, winding road to their place. Made the roads on our CA trip last year look great. Leaving Portland we headed to Seaside, OR (coast) for a few days where Jan and David met us. Tim, Lucy and I took a car trip down the coast stopping at the Tillamook Cheese Factory, Cannon Beach, Bandon, Lincoln City...long day. We then followed them up to Olympia where we stayed (3 weeks) on their lot at Lost Lake RV Resort. Their lot is set up to accommodate two motorhomes with full hookups.

We left Olympia yesterday with the intent of going to Westfir, OR for a few days. Decided to stop in Vancouver and just make it a short day....and, so, here we are.

Pictures can be viewed at Select an album, then for best viewing - click on slideshow.

Service guy just showed up. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More Ramblings

We've been on the road for only 10 days and I think we've seen every rental rv there is in this country and they are all being driven by foreigners...Germans, French, Italians, Swiss with a few Brits thrown in. (Asians are usually on the tour buses.) Usually they only stay one night and move on. It's about 50/50 with kids in tow. The Italians moved in last night with kids (lost count on how many) but proceeded to build a fire so they could roast weinies, marshmellows, burn the park down and contribute to the noise pollution...where are the environmentalists when you need them? (Just kidding...but I did keep peaking out the window to see where the sparks were flying.)

Bryce Canyon National Park

Took about 150 pictures of rocks, hoodoos, and a few trees. After awhile it all starts looking alike. It is pretty amazing scenery. If you are a hiker, backpacker, avid outdoors person then this is your mecca. They also say this area has the blackest skys for great star gazing. We're leaving tomorrow so tonight is my last chance for night time viewing. I'll try...but if the alarm doesn't wake me then I'll have to take their word for it. The sun doesn't even set until almost 9pm!!! For more pictures go to my web album -
If you select "slide show" it views better.

Tim says, " Having a great time...wish you were here!"

At 8100 feet, he was better served waiting for me in the car.

Bryce Ramblings

We had to paste a calendar on the cabinet above the driver's seat. Notice days are crossed off. Only way we can keep track of days/dates.
Cappucino machine has come in very handy these cold mornings. It was 28 degrees yesterday morning. It's only 58 right now (12:30pm)Charles Shaw comes in very handy in the evenings. Don't care what the temperature is.
It's hard to tell where the sofa begins and Lucy ends. My neck hurts watching her sleep.
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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Flagstaff and Lake Powell

Our first stop on our "grand adventure" (GA) was Flagstaff. We visited our friends, Joan and Stephen and their dog Luke. Lucy's not sure about Luke. First of all he's big and he likes to play. She does alot of hiding behind our legs, furniture, whatever she can find.

Joan, Stephen and I spent one day hiking and riding the chair lift at Snow Bowl. Tim and Lucy weren't up for it so they stayed home and napped.

I can tell I haven't posted in awhile. I'm forgetting how to get the pictures in the right order.

One funny on Tim. When we left home, he was turning a corner and commented about some jerk (I cleaned it up) that was following too close behind. He then realized it was our car (we're towing). Obviously, we haven't been on the road for some time!

We left Flag Wednesday heading for Lake Powell. We got an early start due to a high wind forecast. Nice drive, crossed over Glen Canyon Dam and pulled into Lake Powell before noon. Got registered and headed to our spot. Made Tim find another site since a snake was slithering across ours. Yes, I know, it is capable of slithering anywhere it wants to. It just made me feel better. There isn't a bad location anywhere. The views are awsome. Had a horrible storm later in the day. Thank heavens we weren't driving.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Audrey's 1st Birthday

Here's my first attempt at movie making...only has taken me 2 days to figure it out!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Major Blog Overhall

Want to know what I did in Ajo? Re-did, played with, added links (click on colored word or phrase and you will be taken to a website that describes whatever I'm talking about), slide shows (click on picture and you will be taken to my Picassa web album - use the back button to return to the Blog), added some of my favorite sites - more to come, editing and adding photos to web albums, adding maps with our route drawn and placemarks (still working on that one).

Spent HOURS working on fine tuning, tweaking, deleting, adding, actually reading instructions on how to add whatever to the Blog, uploading, downloading, losing then finding text, watching tutorial videos (thanks Geeks on tour), then watched them again, choosing size, color, style of fonts and texts. Whew! Thank the heavens we were in Ajo otherwise the Blog would still be just the Blog. Now it's new and improved and I'm just getting warmed up. Stay tuned.

Trip to Ajo (Ah Ho)

We took the motorhome out of mothballs and headed to Ajo, Az to Shadow Ridge Rv Resort (not going to do that link...obnoxious music on their website). Why Ajo? Well, it's only about 2 hours away, an easy drive and we've never been there. There is not much happening in Ajo unless you happen to work for Border Patrol. They are everywhere! One day we went to the IGA to get bread and Jack Daniels. They only sell beer and wine at the IGA. Tim had to go to the local liquor store "Indulgence" to get his JD. The next day we took a drive around town and out in the desert...which was a very pretty drive even tho we were dodging Border Patrol cars. Also went to the Pharmacy to get me some Zyrtek knockoff since my allergies were horrible. I was tempted to take the car and drive home leaving Tim to get back on his own. Fortunately, the drugs kicked in. The next day we went to Dollar General. Today, I went to the Chevron to get a "cappucino" before we headed south to the border and Organ Pipe Cactus National Park. The following posts detail the trip.

It has been a good trip. We like Ajo. They even have a Country Club...kinda. They also have an airport...but don't have any planes. Did I mention Border Patrol? We also went to Why, AZ. Why? Why not? Don't need to go back.

We head home tomorrow. I bet there will be a Border Patrol road block heading north.

Organ Pipe Cactus National Park

This is as close as Tim would let me get to the border. This border crossing is at Lukeville, AZ and it is a busy one. I was amazed at the number of RV's heading to Mexico. This is the road that takes you to Rocky Point which is about another 40 miles down the road.

On the drive back to Ajo we passed a Border Patrol car parked on the side of the road (facing traffic) and using binoculors eyeballing us as we drove by. There was also a "high intensity tower" watching traffic.
A 28 year old Park Ranger was shot and killed by a drug cartel member while he was on patrol in 2002. I had no idea that Park Rangers patrolled for illegals and drugs as well as Border Patrol.

We just visited the visitor's center...didn't do the 21 mile trip through the park (on a dirt road). Bought a post card instead.

They have a campground (dry camping only) that was real nice. Can handle 40' motorhomes. No entry fee and $6.00/night cost if you have a Golden Age Pass (now called America the Beautiful Pass) however; all the snakes are coming out of hibernation now so I'm not going there.

Picture of me...proof I was on this trip.
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This is a test

Recent Miscellaneous Pictures

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Datastorm Users

Datastorm Users

Click on above link. Map showing our location in Ajo. Use back button to return to Blog.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


See Lorie's blog - - I'm still recovering (and full)! She did what I was going to do it twice?? However, she didn't mention that Tim got me a fly fishing rod, and, yes, I did ask for it. I also need one of those net things you catch them in. He said I had to just reach in the water and bring them out. Well, now he understands that I need the net thingy. I want the sucker cornered for a controlled catch.

Lorie also didn't mention that I tried to bribe (sex for secrets) Tim out of what was planned for Sunday. He whimpered, squirmed, eyes watered like I've never seen him do before ...but he didn't cave...thought I had him for sure. Probably the hardest secret he ever kept. I wouldn't suggest using him again...he exhausted his will power.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2007 is History!

As many of you know we had blessings and challenges this past year. A brief recap in case you didn't know. First part of the year we were feeling pretty good. Tim's CT scans were showing no change in the spot on his lung and his breathing ability was improving greatly (blessing). He had stopped smoking 1 year as of February 2007 (now approaching 2 years!)(blessing) We got a new Yorkie puppy in February driving to Tuscon to pick her up. My girlfriend (godparent of Tootsie and now Lucy), Pat, drove 2-1/2 hours to eastern Illinois to retrieve her from a breeder and then fly her to Tuscon. She already had a trip plan...just added a little extra baggage. She's nothing like our Buffy (twice as big...we call her our Illinois farm girl) but she has won our hearts especially Tim's (blessing).

April 17 brought me my newest granddaughter - Audrey Rose (blessing). My daughter, Lorie, had her first baby at 41, pregnancy was fine, however, delivery ended up a C-section. Mother and daughter are doing great. Lorie's has current pics.

We were planning on taking our motorhome up to ShowLow (White Mountains - northern Arizona) May 12 to park it for the summer. We had a cement pad poured and had reservations for Tom and family and Sean to stay in the cabins next to us. However, everything went haywire May 5. We went to breakfast that morning and by 5pm Tim was in ER. He was in ICU by 11pm and in the hospital for the next 5 days with a perforated colon. He then had emergency surgery May 26 removing a portion of his colon and adding a "bag". Two weeks later I had gallbladder surgery. We spent the rest of the summer adjusting to the "bag" and figuring out what I could and could not eat minus a gallbladder.

Tom, Hee Yun, Jee Soo and Sean came to visit in July (blessing). It's always great to be with them. We never realize how much we miss them until they are here and then leave. We took the motorhome to ShowLow the end of July and then headed out in September for our first major trip. We left ShowLow September 4 with a destination of Ft. Bragg, CA. Previous posts on the blog details our trip.

Tim's 2nd surgery was October 11 removing the bag and reattaching the colon. He spent a week in the hospital and then the next 6 weeks getting back on his feet (blessing). Tim's surgery prevented us from going to Korea for Sean's wedding. He and Yeon were married in October in a traditional Korean wedding (blessing). Hopefully, they will be coming home this summer and we will be able to spend some time getting to know her.

Here's what I learned in 2007. Life is precious. It can change at breakfast. All that really matters are family, friends and damn good surgeons (blessings). When you feel out of control - quit fighting the current...turn the boat around, pull the oars in and go with the flow. And, laughter is the best medicine. We don't go a day without spite of some pretty scarey times we always seemed to find some humor somewhere. And, it looks like I had more blessings than crappy (no pun intended, Tim) things. I guess 2007 wasn't so bad afterall.

Here's to a great 2008!

Tim and Sue