Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sierra Vista & Bisbee

Spent a few days last week with friends, Kathleen and Dan, exploring Sierra Vista and Bisbee. They drove down in their "studio" and we in our "condo". We stayed at Pueblo del Sol RV Resort which is in Sierra Vista. They are closing their doors May 15 after being sold to a home developer. Kind of sad since it's the only nice park in Sierra Vista (even though we were parked on asphalt!).

Visited a couple of museums at Fort Huachuca. The one on the Buffalo Soldiers was very interesting. I'm sure glad we weren't around in those days. Talk about being in the middle of nowhere!! Also found out at one time Bisbee was the largest town between St. Louis and Los Angeles.

Kathleen was certain we were being invaded by an alien spacecraft. The spacecraft is the military blimp that monitors the US/Mexican border. Posted by Picasa

The Shady Dell

Diner is open and you can rent vintage rv's for the night. Posted by Picasa

Our next RV

What more can I say? Has a built-in Tikki Bar! Posted by Picasa


Dan, Kathleen and Tim Posted by Picasa


I must have said something funny to them. Posted by Picasa

Buffy's Plea

I know it looks like she's giving me a kiss...but really is whispering in my ear that she doesn't like sauerkraut! Posted by Picasa

Hi Y'all!

Dan and Kathleen should be poster children for Posted by Picasa

Mr. Fix-It

Dan to the rescue when the skillet kept sliding off the grill. Table just needed a little levelling. Posted by Picasa

Want one?

 Posted by Picasa

Stirring the pot

She's making sure dinner doesn't burn. Posted by Picasa

Kathleen's Wienies!

Hotdogs stuffed with saurerkraut and wrapped in bacon. Everything within 150 feet smelled like sauerkraut. Posted by Picasa